DCN Electric, Inc.

Need an Electrician in the Big Bear Lake valley?

With over 30 years’ experience as an electrician, I am now concentrating my efforts to combine what I do with where I live.  I live in Fawnskin, a small community on the north shore of Big Bear Lake.

In 2011, I relocated full time to my mountain home in the Big Bear area.  Renovating my own cabin through-out the years, it has become apparent that my services are needed here.  Many cabins, while quaint and rustic, are a collection of wiring that is not only outdated, but also not cost-effective and may even be dangerous.  My design-build expertise comes into play here.

Many electrical contractors will simply run new wire to code and not recommend options to the owner.  In a design-build approach, I research options for efficiency and code to work in harmony.  LED lighting, electronic equipment location such as television and computers, solar and wind, retrofit, rewire are all considered to come up with the best solution for your needs.

Free on-site consultation.


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